Good behaviour of sporter angler

As we speak sometimes with some of you, we are always thinking to the well being of our fish.

We think that the evolution of equipment and new baits are not doing to respect the fish.

This is what we think, tell us what you think about that.


Try to fish “light”. No leedcore for carp, allowed for catfish. Barbless hooks would be for example n°6, 8 or 10 for carp and n°2/0 to n°5/0 for catfish. Favour soft road which give elasticity to the fishing line.


Too much baiting boilies, pellets and seeds. As Etang de Rouge is very busy, we can imagine there is a large quantities of baits put down on the bottom of the water. Those baits pollute this bottom because, especially in summer, it takes a long time to decompose. So please, take care to use boilies of good quality, we recommend fresh boilies (don´t forget you can use the freezer at your disposal). Tiger nuts can be used but be careful: soaking 48 hours and cooking time 45 minutes. Maize and hempseed are also allowed.


When the fish rise your bait, please striking must be very gently to avoid damaging the mouth of the fish. Take time fighting, it is the best moment.

Give his chance to the fish: “Triumph without peril brings no glory”!!

Then put the fish in the water in a net to avoid to put it directly on the earth, and then put it on your landing net. When unhook, do not forget to disinfect the mouth. Possibility to buy “klinik”.

Provide a plastic sheeting on the ground so that the fish does not come into contact with the stones , and a bucket to water them as often as possible.

In hot weather no fish should leave the water.

The photos will be taken in the pound.

Regarding big catfish, they should not be weighted because it makes them suffer.

All you have to do is measure them and we have a cross-reference table.

When you take photos, do it quickly (especially in summer).


Remember, you are the “guard” of the lake. Tell us if you see or hear anything unusual (noise, people who are not allowed around the lake, cars which turn around the lake, etc…) give us your comments or ideas (by mail : With many thanks. Anne and Michel