Challenge 2020

The biggest carp

* Ex aequo : 49,4 lbs

Hervé LE MAUR 22nd may 2020

Hervé LE MAUR record carpe 2020 exaequo

* Ex aequo : 49,4 lbs

Stéphane GAUTHIER 12th june 2020


Stephane GAUTIER record carpe 2020 exaequo

The biggest catfish

132,5 lbs

Caught the 17 june 2020 by Mr ROUSSEAU

Record 2020
Congratulations to these 3 anglers who win the trophy and a fishing week at Etang de Rouge for 2021.

Challenge 2021


As last year, we will reward only CARP and CATFISH.

The catches will be weighed, witnessed and recorded by us or our bailiff Jean-Jacques only.

A nice trophy will reward the biggest carp, and another one for the biggest catfish.

Etang de Rouge also offers a fishing’s week, which will reward each record (carp and catfish).

If you want to participate, you have to accept this rule.