L’ETANG DE ROUGE de La Puisaye is situated in Le Perche, near the Senonches forest, in Eure et Loir Departement. Our village is midway between the towns of Senonches and La Ferté Vidame.

The lake is 319 km from Calais (203 miles), 166 km from Dieppe (109 miles), 152 km from Le Havre (97 miles), 155 km from Cherbourg (103 miles) and 110 km from PARIS (5 miles).This 17 acres lake was dug by monks around the twelfth century.

Its depth varies from 1 to 3 metres (see the map of the lake).

As the bed of the lake is particularly clean and non-slimy, the water is clean, the fauna varied and the fish healthy.

It is populated by carps (common, mirror and leather) weighing up to 51lb and catfishes up to nearly 146lb.

All this makes ETANG DE ROUGE a very attractive  place.


Come and participate in our challenge


Come and participate in our challenge